Tim Inge (sausagetree) wrote,
Tim Inge

Hand cuffs or banana peels

I had 2 job interviews yesterday, both of which went exceptionally well. One was for "Civilian Detention Officer" for Chaffee County Sheriff, the other is for "Chaffee County Garbage Man."
Detention Officer duties would include watching over and taking care of the needs of up to 105 inmates, ranging from first time DUI's to maximum security murderers and the like. It would also include working only 3 shifts a week and getting large amounts of free time, but not much money. I also really enjoyed the people I would be working with.
Garbage Man duties would include driving a garbage truck (booyah), hoisting garbage, getting ripped, huge benefits, paid vacations, and getting generally wealthy. It would also involve 40-50 hours a week of my time.
So what should I do? Det. Officer would free up all sorts of time to do stuff like, say, music, but would not afford me enough money to buy the equipment I need to really get into composition. Garbage Man would get me the money to get into music, building and improving the hearse empire, buying motorcycles, etc, but not much free time. Which job sounds better as said to an attractive female? Which would be more fun? What should I do!!??
Cast your votes.
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