Tim Inge (sausagetree) wrote,
Tim Inge

And the winner is....

Garbage Man!
They were much more pro-active in hiring me, and they're starting me at 0.50 an hour more than the normal starting wage. The only part of this job I'm not looking forward to is the 5 am start time. I'll get used to it, and I'll get off work by 1 or 2, which leaves plenty of daylight for kayaking, motorcycling (and I DO want a crotch rocket ;P), sledding, evenings for music, and so on.
Also, Waste Management is holding my financial hand through the rest of the CDL aquisition quest, and they'll let me borrow a truck to take down to CO Springs for the testing. AND they're buying me a brand new pair of steel-toed boots, which means the next time I kick a dog I can actually do some damage.
Speaking of dogs, I've seen roughly 389,562 dogs since moving to Salida, and about 97% of them are completely hideous, and exatly all of them are completely useless. I used to like dogs, then I disliked dogs, then I got attacked by a large muzzled dog (which was a very weird experience), and now I loath dogs. I can tell the feeling is completely mutual. Every time I see a kid walking up to a dog to pet it, I have to keep myself from killing the dog first just to be sure it doesn't take off the kids face. What's with people keeping these instinctively ferocious dogs as pets these days? It's some sort of fad, to have these beasts which have a "killer" reputation, and saying "oh but this one's nice." I'm going to have to side with the Chinese on this one: it'd be alot nicer over rice with soy sauce.
Other than the dog thing, I couldn't be more pleased with Salida. The scenery is fantastic, the people are friendly, the grocery store is within walking distance (as opposed to the 60 mile drive required from Lake City), Colorado's best whitewater park is 2 blocks away, the potential for motocycles (on and off road) is limitless, I hear the music scene is very active, and I'm anticipating excellent sledding in the winter.
Hopefully I can dust off the olde friend-making skills.
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