Tim Inge (sausagetree) wrote,
Tim Inge

I got the fever!!

Hearse fever! I got it bad. I always thought I would remain a one-hearse man. Why would I ever need two? And one is already a handful. But then I called owner of the funeral home that had the 1967 Cadillac Superior 3-way that I've always loved since I was 14 just to ask him what ever happened to it. He said he still had it and recently pulled it out of service. He said he'd like to sell it for $12,000. Thinking I was safe, I said, "The best I could give you at this point is $4,000." He said, "I'd take $4,000." Turns out he was about a week away from donating it to the local museum.

There's no way I can pass this up. It's the first hearse I've ever loved. It will sit in rented garage space until I get King Louie finished and restock the funds to get it back to mint condition, which will take very very little. Once it gets there, I will put the King in the garage (he's going to be one stud of a hearse) and use the Caddy for a driver.
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