Tim Inge (sausagetree) wrote,
Tim Inge

Dead end hearse, dead end job

I looked at the new prospective hearse last Friday. The owner raved about it's "mint," "perfect," "beautiful" condition outside of the possibility that it might need some transmission work. Having seen it from a distance a few times, I believed him. It really is a stunning car. If you don't get too close.
His speculation on possible transmission work somehow turned into a blown engine. That tacks an extra $4k onto the price tag. His definition of "mint, perfect, and beautiful" somehow translated into two rusty holes in the body and a shoddy repair job on an obviously once-smashed rear quarter panel. The interior was nice.
He took $500 off the price tag, landing us at a firm $3500. I passed. So, I obviously got a little too excited, but oh well. This particular car is still #3 on my list of cars to own someday, but it would be way more than I can chew right now.

The trashing industry is going strong, but I'm starting to think that I've had my fun with it. There's dissension amongst the management, making the job much more difficult for the drivers. Basically, there's two guys doing the same job right now, so one guy does nothing while the other one Barney Fifes around making sure everyone is abiding by every last letter of the trashing law. Since you can't bend over to tie your shoe without breaking at least 7 obscure rules, this makes everyone angry, including myself, and I don't get angry often, and when I do I don't enjoy it. In the past week I've been verbally slapped on the wrist three times for minor rule breakage, and now I'm beginning to feel that I've been blacklisted, in spite of the fact that I'm one of their best employees. I'm not alone. I think most of the drivers are currently on the blacklist, even though we're not having accidents and our production levels are high.
I'm thinking of moving on to towing, which has also been on my list of things to do someday. I called the good folks that run the tow service down the road and now I'm wondering why I didn't look into it before. More pay, less work, less smelling trash all day. I'm still not 100% sold over, as there are many things in the trashing business that I enjoy. I've come to love the musclebound feeling. I like the tips and free drinks left by appreciative costumers. I really like smashing appliances and furniture. The little kid in me hasn't gotten over the awesomeness of the trash truck.
We shall see.
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