Tim Inge (sausagetree) wrote,
Tim Inge

Sometimes I find it hard to say "no"

About half an hour ago, I was really enjoying my day off,  working on my car in the mud and sunshine, when my odd neighbor approached me.

Odd neighbor: "Hey Tim, can you do me a favor?"
Me: "Sure."
Odd neighbor: "Can you smell my chair? i think my cats might have gone on it."
Me: "Absolutely not."

I did not know 'til now that every level of every dimension of "wrong" could be hit with a single request. I'm 100% sure that no cats have ever "gone" on my own chair, and yet I have never been enticed to place my nose in it and take a whif.

I admit, for about 1/100000th of a second, I considered preforming this favor in a perfectly normal fashion in order to save him the embarrassment of realizing his error, but sometimes people really need to be embarrassed. I'm sure he is not nearly embarrassed enough. 
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