Tim Inge (sausagetree) wrote,
Tim Inge

Who cares?

I spend a good deal of time listening to the radio during the day, and a part of that is the news. Much of the news these days has to do with things pertaining to fuel prices.
Disturbing, if you are into letting those sorts of things disturb you.
According to the news, the scooter industry has taken off, increasing 25% in the past few months, and the Toyota Prius (rated the most efficient car on the U.S market) is by far the #1 selling car out there.
Aside from the news, I've personally noticed a drastic decrease in traffic. I was in Denver about two weeks ago, and about 30 hearses cut straight through the middle of town during rush hour and were able to maintain a steady rate. There was only one real block in traffic, and that was us. That was drastically different from three years ago, the last time I was in Denver during rush hour. Maybe we just got lucky, I don't know, but I've also noticed a big difference in the Salida area. For one thing, I've only seen four motor homes so far this year. That's down from about eighty dozen of previous years.
Now, after all that, allow me to state that I don't really care. It occurred to me today, however, that most people do, and pretty much all the caring you hear is people pounding their fists over the fortune they're paying to fill up their vehicle of choice.
"But what about the environmentalists," I thought to myself today. "Surely they are rejoicing. Have they not been crying out for the American people to make this very change for years now?" So I came home today and did a little research. I found only two places that mentioned this environmental advantage to higher gas prices, and both were well-read blogs that were not even particularly focused on issues of environment. I found no mention of it in any of the major environmentalist websites that I looked at.

So what's the deal? Did I just not look in the right place? Where is this flag of victory and why aren't environmentalists waving it? They are finally winning this hard fought battle, AND THEY AREN'T EVEN NOTICING!!!! That strikes me as being a little creepy.

Of course, I have my own answer, and if I typed it all out it would lead from my own (almost entirely correct) analysis of the human psyche, to the function of the human as a spiritual being within the physical world, to the influence of unseen spiritual forces on society, and I might top it off with the pending collapse of civilization and an end to the world within the next 20 years that has nothing to do what-so-ever with global warming. But really, I have more important things on my mind. Namely: dinner.
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